About the Show

As in the Days of Noah is a skillful musical retelling of the biblical story of Noah, which brings to life the passions and tensions experienced in his generation.

Written and co-created by Justin Rizzo and Alice Scott, the script and score of eighteen powerful original songs invite you to consider what it took for Noah to trust in the voice of an unseen God in the midst of the coming storm and what it takes for us to do the same today.


The Story

This show follows the lives of four individuals from Noah's day, each seeking to build a place of comfort and safety through different means.

Hadad, the wicked ruler of the city, is focused on building his empire, while the young counselor, Ham, is driven by desire to secure personal fortune and a name for himself. Sarah, a pub waitress, hopes to turn her tragic life around and find love, while the master builder, Noah, yearns to respond rightly to God's call to build a place of safety that will withstand the coming judgment.

As the waters begin to rise, who will make it on the boat?

Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Dreams – Horrifying images of the earth’s wickedness haunt Noah in his sleep.
  3. God Stay Close – Suddenly waking from his dream, Noah bares his soul in devotion to God as he pleads for sinful humankind.
  4. Together We Must Stand – Master Builder Noah discovers that Hadad, the city’s vile ruler, has employed him to construct centers of wickedness. Hadad orders Noah to keep building and forget his outdated morality.
  5. Times Are Changing – Noah's wife consoles her husband after an unbearable day at work. Together, they dream of a day when God will restore their land and change their city.
  6. Opportunity – Cruel, hot-tempered Amasa boasts at the town pub of stealing Noah's position. The counselor, second in command to Hadad, opposes Amasa’s ambitions. Sarah, the pub waitress, laments her miserable, tragic life.
  7. The Plans – In the middle of the night, the Lord speaks to Noah of the great catastrophe coming to the earth. He instructs Noah to build an ark as the only way of escape.
  8. Is This Wisdom – After Noah leaves his job and prosperous life to build the ark, his daughters-in-law react in distaste to his decision.
  9. Day of Escape – Sarah, having lost her job and enduring rape at the hands of Amasa, is forced to settle for a life of prostitution. At the risk of her life, she helps a young slave girl escape. The counselor heroically steps in to save her from imminent death.
  10. A Life Worth Living – Now liberated, Sarah is overcome with affection for the counselor. With newfound hope, she insists on winning his love at any cost.
  11. I Will Build – Noah, Hadad, Sarah, and the counselor (now revealed to be Noah’s son, Ham) sing about their contrasting life pursuits.
  12. The Song of Fools – Though many years have passed, Noah continues to build, leading Hadad’s builders to taunt Shem and Japheth about their father’s endeavors.
  13. Tired of Waiting – Noah’s daughters-in-law lament the trials that his building has brought them. They long for the life they used to know.
  14. Time is Short – Noah pleads with the indifferent people of the city to turn from their wickedness and escape the coming flood.
  15. The Cost of Love – Infuriated by Ham’s rejection of her seduction, Sarah plots to murder his wife, to whom he has just returned.
  16. Tell Me Where You Stand – In the face of Hadad's intentions to drive out Noah's family and destroy the ark, Ham must finally choose with whom his loyalties lie.
  17. If We Die – Threatened by Hadad and wearied from building the newly finished ark, Noah and his wife commit their way to the Lord, regardless of what lies ahead.
  18. The First Rain – As the rain begins to descend, Noah and his family look on as Hadad and Sarah drown with the rest of unrepentant humanity.
  19. A New Beginning – As Noah's reconciled family rejoices and grieves, Noah prophesies of the new beginning God will bring to the earth when the waters subside.


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